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Writing Prompts for Grades K-3
Free Printable Writing Prompts for Kindergarten through Third Grade Aligned to the Common Core State Standards
Social Studies
My Favorite Place
There ought to be a law...
The City Where I Live
Life on the Frontier
If I Lived in a Castle
If I lived on the African savanna...
If I were the president, I would...
If I were the principal, I would...
If I were the teacher, I would...
If I was a king I would...
If I was a queen I would...
Opportunity Costs
If I Was a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt
Life in the Middle Ages
Health and Science
What I Like about Tulips
What I Like about Spring
What I Like about Summer
What I Like about Autumn
What I Like about Winter
Going to the Doctor
How to Cross the Street Safely
What Is Great about Trees
Personal Reflection and Creative Writing
The Best Adventure
What Makes Me Smile
Why I Like Trains
I am silly when I...
I want to learn more about...
The World's Greatest Mom
The World's Greatest Dad
If I Was a Superhero
My Sweetheart
My Amazing Invention
Why I Like Mondays
Why I Like Tuesdays
Why I Like Wednesdays
Why I Like Thursdays
Why I Like Fridays
Why I Like Saturdays
Why I Like Sundays
I like to cook...
My Favorite Movie
The Strangest Dream I Ever Had
Once upon a time...
At the beach I like to...
Doing homework is important because...
Whom Do I Love the Most?
My favorite kind of music is...
The girl is looking at...
My Spooky Halloween Story
My Plans for
New Year's Eve
If I found a leprechaun's pot of gold, I would...
St. Patrick's Day is about...
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