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How to Write Research Papers with Citations
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What are citations?

Citations are listed sources for the information included in an essay.  There are many different ways of citing the sources you use for a paper.  The type of citations you use will depend upon your grade level, academic area, and college major, but most importantly on what your teacher or professor requires.

What are the major types of citations?

The most commonly used forms of citations are APA, MLA, and footnotes (or endnotes, since they are virtually the same).

What is MLA?

MLA stands for "Modern Language Association" and is the citation format created by this organization.  The MLA publishes books which describe and explain the MLA formatting style.  Online, you can get free information on MLA requirements courtesy of the OWL
(Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University.  The MLA format is used by university English departments and is most common in junior and senior high school English-Language Arts (ELA) classes. 

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