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Student Information Forms
Click on any item to print it (.pdf file).
Student Info Sheet: This form can be completed (or at least started) by the student. The idea is to have a sheet for each student and organize them in a binder in alphabetical order by class period. There is a space to attach a photo of the child if available.
Included on the sheet are home contact information and notes. These sorts of quick files are useful both for classroom teachers (handy to pull out for conferences and meetings) and substitute teachers (since by junior high, certain kids have unfortunately discovered the art of impersonation).
Individual Student Schedule and Course of Study: This form is useful for parents as well as special education and resource room teachers. It goes beyond the simple schedule to include spaces for listing course materials (e.g., textbooks, calculator) and comments (e.g., bring binder to class every day).
What's my GPA? Printable Guide for Calculating Grade-point Average, Honor Roll, and Latin Honors
Click here for assorted forms for teachers.
Click here for miscellaneous teacher printables.
Click here for reproducible graphic organizers.
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