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Colonial Period Printable Outline - Free to print (PDF file) for high school American History students. Two versions.
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The colonial period in American history spanned several centuries and was marked by the establishment of European colonies in North America. It is typically divided into three main regions: New England, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies.
Version 1: This is two sheets (or a double-sided single sheet) featuring the introductory and summary paragraphs, with the outline itself single-spaced. This version is good for giving students a rough idea of what their outline should look like, if you are having them craft their own. Click here to print.
Version 2: This is two double-sided sheets (or four single-sided sheets, a.k.a., four pages) of the same outline, but with space under each of the smallest headings so that students can jot their notes down directly on this outline. This version is applicable if you intend to lecture from this outline and/or project a "completed" version so that students have to stay focused on the content by copying what you have inserted. Click here to print.
The colonial period in American history laid the groundwork for the eventual push for independence and the formation of the United States. It was a period of diverse cultures, economic development, and complex relationships between European settlers and Native American populations.
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