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Diorama of Old New York
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This diorama of "Old New York" is found at the American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West in New York City. It features colonial Europeans interacting with Native Americans.
Colonial Settlers of Old New York
The Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, was established in 1626 as a trading post by the Dutch West India Company. It served as the capital of New Netherland, a Dutch colony in North America.

Economic Center: New Amsterdam was primarily a commercial and economic center. The Dutch established it to engage in the fur trade, trade with Native Americans, and exploit the area's rich natural resources.

Diverse Population: The settlement attracted a diverse population, including Dutch, English, French, and others. The Dutch colony was known for its tolerance, which allowed different religious and ethnic groups to live and trade together.

Peter Stuyvesant: Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch director-general of New Netherland, is a well-known figure associated with New Amsterdam. He led the colony during its final years as a Dutch possession.

Conflict with the English: In 1664, the English, under the command of Colonel Richard Nicolls, captured New Amsterdam during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. The English renamed it New York in honor of the Duke of York, who later became King James II of England.

Legacy: New Amsterdam's legacy is evident in the diverse and cosmopolitan nature of modern-day New York City. The Dutch influence can be seen in various aspects, including place names, architecture, and cultural traditions.

The Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam played a significant role in shaping the cultural and historical landscape of what would become one of the United States' most populous and influential cities.
Native Americans of Old New York
Diorama of Old New York at the AMNH in NYC
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