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University of Leiden (Netherlands) in 1614 (from an engraving).
UNIVERSITY OF LEYDEN (sic): From an engraving made in 1614. This university was founded by William the Silent in 1575, as a reward for the heroic defense of the city in the previous year. According to tradition the citizens were offered their choice between a university and exemptiom from certain taxes. They chose the university. From 1625, for almost 200 years, this was one of the famous universities of Europe. It was to the city of Leyden (sic) that a band of separatists went in 16071608, from England, to escape persecution for their independence in religion. Some of them, known to history as the Pilgrim Fathers, came from Leyden to America, after a short stay in England, and were the founders of the Plymouth Colony. Click here to enlarge this image.
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