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The Earliest British Colonies
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The Earliest British Colonies - Free printable decipher-the-code puzzle worksheet.
The Earliest British Colonies - Free printable decipher-the-code puzzle worksheet (cryptogram).
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1. Originally, English colonies in North America were funded by 10-15-9-14-20 - 19-20-15-3-11 companies.
2. 9-14-4-5-14-20-21-18-5-4 servants were obligated to work to repay the cost of their passage, food, and shelter.
3. John 23-9-14-20-8-18-15-16 famously saw New England as “a City upon a Hill.”
4. Wampanoag chief Metacom is better known to history as11-9-14-7   16-8-9-12-9-16.
5. King Charles II granted William Penn a piece of land which came to be called 16-5-14-14-19-25-12-22-1-14-9-1.
6. The system of 13-5-18-3-1-14-20-9-12-9-19-13 sought a favorable balance of trade for a nation.
7. The 13-9-4-4-12-5 colonies included New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
8. 14-5-23   5-14-7-12-1-14-4 originally included Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
9. The 19-15-21-20-8-5-18-14 colonies originally included Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
10. A 7-15-22-5-18-14-15-18 came to hold ruling authority in most English colonies.
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