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Portuguese in India DBQ Worksheet for High School World History
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The Portuguese in India: The European Age of Exploration, Early Imperialism, and Global Trade
Afonso de Albuquerque explained to his soldiers why the Portuguese wanted to capture Malacca: "The king of Portugal has often commanded me to go to the Straits, because…this was the best place to intercept the trade which the Moslems…carry on in these parts. So it was to do Our Lord’s service that we were brought here; by taking Malacca, we would close the Straits so that never again would the Moslems be able to bring their spices by this route…. I am very sure that, if this Malacca trade is taken out of their hands, Cairo and Mecca will be completely lost."
Document-Based Questions:

1. Based on the passage above, how did the Portuguese view the Muslim world?

2. According to Afonso de Albuquerque, why did the Portuguese want to control Malacca?

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