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The Road to Revolution Code Puzzle
Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
The Road to Revolution - Decipher-the-code puzzle worksheet is free to print. This is designed for high school United States History students.
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Declaration of Independence Fallen Tiles Puzzle Sheet
1. The Boston 13-1-19-19-1-3-18-5 took place on March 5, 1770.
2. A writ of 1-19-19-9-19-20-1-14-3-5 was a general search warrant that effectively allowed searches without any particular reason.
3. The 19-20-1-13-16   1-3-20 placed a tax on all documents and printed materials.
4. Colonies communicated to one another about British threats through committees of 3-15-18-18-5-19-16-15-14-4-5-14-3-5.
5. In the 2-15-19-20-15-14   20-5-1   16-1-18-20-25, colonists dressed as Indians dumped 18,000 pounds of tea into Boston harbor.
6. Thomas 10-5-6-6-5-18-19-15-14 wrote most of the Declaration of Independence.
7. Thomas Paine wrote the influential pamphlet 3-15-13-13-15-14    19-5-14-19-5.
8. The Second Continental Congress selected George 23-1-19-8-9-14-7-20-15-14 to lead the Continental Army.
9. 7-5-15-18-7-5 III was king of England at the time of the American Revolution.
10. English philosopher John 12-15-3-11-5 believed in natural rights.
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