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American War for Independence Cryptogram
The American War for Independence: Code Puzzle - Worksheet is free to print (PDF file).
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1. 12-15-25-1-12-9-19-20-19 were those who remained loyal to Great Britain.
2. 16-1-20-18-9-15-20-19 were those who supported the war for independence.
3. 8-5-19-19-9-1-14-19 were German mercenary soldiers hired by the British.
4. The British seized 14-5-23   25-15-18-11   3-9-20-25 in the summer of 1776.
5. Robert 13-15-18-18-9-19 and Haym 19-1-12-15-13-15-14 raised money to pay the salaries of Continental soldiers.
6. 13-15-12-12-25   16-9-20-3-8-5-18 famously fought at the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey, 1778.
7. Marquis de 12-1-6-1-25-5-20-20-5 led troops in Virginia.
8. British forces moved 19-15-21-20-8 after their defeat at Saratoga.
9. The British surrendered at 25-15-18-11-20-15-23-14 on October 19, 1781.
10. The Americans and British made peace with the 20-18-5-1-20-25   15-6 16-1-18-9-19 in 1783.
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