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Women's Suffrage Causes and Effects DIY Infographic
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Women's Suffrage Causes and Effects DIY Infographic - Free to print (PDF file).
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Students create an infographic listing and describing the long- and short-term causes and effects of the women's suffrage movement. Click here to print. Answers will vary.
The women's suffrage movement in the United States, which sought to secure the right to vote for women, had both long-term and short-term causes and a range of effects.

Long-Term Causes:
  • Gender Inequality: Throughout American history, women were denied basic rights and opportunities, including the right to vote. A long history of gender-based discrimination and inequality laid the foundation for the suffrage movement.
  • Abolitionist Movements: The struggle for women's suffrage was influenced by the earlier abolitionist movements. Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, who were active in the fight against slavery, saw parallels between the disenfranchisement of women and the struggle for the rights of African Americans.
  • Inspiration from International Movements: The suffrage movement in the United States drew inspiration from similar movements in other countries, such as the United Kingdom. Suffragists like Susan B. Anthony were influenced by the global fight for women's rights.
Short-Term Causes:
  • Seneca Falls Convention (1848): A significant short-term cause was the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. Organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, this event marked the beginning of the organized suffrage movement in the United States. The convention produced the "Declaration of Sentiments," which called for women's right to vote.
  • Leadership and Organizations: The emergence of key leaders like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucy Stone, as well as the establishment of organizations like the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and the National Woman's Party, provided structure and direction to the movement.
  • 19th Amendment (1920): The most significant effect of the women's suffrage movement was the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920. This amendment granted women the right to vote in all elections, a historic achievement that marked a major step toward gender equality.
  • Increased Political Participation: With the right to vote, women became active participants in the political process. They were able to influence legislation and policies, and they played a crucial role in shaping the political landscape.
  • Advancements in Women's Rights: The suffrage movement was part of a broader women's rights movement that sought not only the right to vote but also legal and societal changes. While the 19th Amendment addressed voting rights, the movement laid the groundwork for other advancements in women's rights, such as improved access to education, property rights, and greater participation in the workforce.
  • Inspiration for Future Movements: The suffrage movement served as an inspiration and a model for future social justice and civil rights movements. It demonstrated the power of grassroots activism and collective action to bring about change.
The women's suffrage movement was a crucial moment in the struggle for gender equality and social justice in the United States. Its effects continue to be felt today as women remain active participants in the political, social, and economic life of the country.
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