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United States in World War I Outline
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United States in World War I Outline - Free to print (PDF files). Includes student note-taking version.
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This outline provides a structured overview of the United States' involvement in World War I, highlighting key events and consequences. You can expand upon each section to create a comprehensive study or presentation on this topic. Click here to print. Click here for a version that has space for student note-taking.
I. Causes of U.S. Entry into World War I
A. Unrestricted submarine warfare
B. The Zimmermann Telegram
C. Economic ties to Allied powers
D. Ideological factors and the goal of "making the world safe for democracy"

II. Initial Neutrality and Isolationism
A. President Woodrow Wilson's efforts to stay out of the conflict
B. Public sentiment against involvement

III. Shift Towards Involvement
A. Unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany
B. The sinking of the Lusitania
C. The Arabic and Sussex Pledges
D. The interception and publication of the Zimmermann Telegram

IV. U.S. Declaration of War
A. President Wilson's address to Congress
B. Declaration of war against Germany on April 6, 1917

V. U.S. Military and Economic Contributions
A. American Expeditionary Forces (AEF)
B. Role of General John J. Pershing
C. Financial support to Allied powers
D. War industries and mobilization at home

VI. Major Battles and Contributions
A. Battle of Cantigny
B. Battle of Chateau-Thierry
C. Meuse-Argonne Offensive
D. St. Mihiel Offensive

VII. Treaty of Versailles
A. Participation in the peace negotiations
B. Fourteen Points and the League of Nations
C. Controversy and rejection of the Treaty by the U.S. Senate

VIII. Aftermath and Legacy
A. Domestic impacts and the Red Scare
B. Economic implications and the return to isolationism
C. U.S. influence on the post-war world order

IX. The Impact of World War I on U.S. Society
A. The Great Migration
B. Women's suffrage and the 19th Amendment
C. The "Lost Generation" and cultural shifts
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