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Geography Terms Crossword Puzzles - Free to print (PDF files).
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Map of the USA in 1896

Physical Geography Binder Cover
Geography Crossword Puzzle #1

Across 1. Area with at least one common feature. 5. Map feature showing cardinal directions. 7. Difference between size on a map and real size. 8. Something typically found on a map. 10. A distinct location.

Down 2. Position of the sun and earth which determines the lengths of days and seasons. 3. Spread of ideas, people, products, etc. 4. Location expressed by referencing latitude and longitude. 6. Map showing a specific topic, such as population. 9. Something about an area that causes people to move there.

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Geography Crossword Puzzle #2

Across 4. Portrayal of the earth's political features. 9. Number that helps to determine the location of a point.

Down 1. Natural feature of the earth's surface. 2. North, south, east, west. 3. Human constructions on the earth. 4. Something that causes people to leave an area. 5. Group of people with a common culture and history. 6. Portrayal of the earth's physical features. 7. A point's position on the earth. 8. Land area under a government's control.

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