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Antique Campbell's Soup Ad of 1922
Campbell's Condensed Vegetable Soup.  Children love good soup.  Almost a whole meal!Campbell's Vegetable Soup combines in each delightful plateful fifteen luscious vegetables, hearty cereals, flavory herbs, and the invigorating essence of choicest beef.  Each spoonful comes to you richly laden with pure meat broth and tasty vegetable juice.  Campbell's Vegetable Soup makes the best part of a luncheon--it is so nourishing and filling.  At dinner you can easily reduce the number of your other dishes by serving it.  There is so much rich, strengthening food in this Campbell's Soup that it is used as a regular article of diet in millions of homes.  Have it today.  21 kinds.  12 cents a can.  Campbell's Soups--look for the red and white label. Click here to enlarge.

We call our garden "Campbell's Own."
     There all the nicest things are grown--
Baby limas, darling peas
     And everything that's sure to please.
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