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Williams' Shaving Stick Ad of 1922
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Williams' Shaving Stick Ad of 1922
Use any kind of water with Williams' Shaving Stick.  Some men have to use cold water for shaving, especially in Summer.  Others prefer it.  In some sections the water is hard.  These conditions and many other were allowed for in determining the Williams' formula.  Use any kind of water with Williams' Stick.  Use it your own way.  Run it in or not--just as you like.  You are rule-free if the stick is Williams'.  See how quickly the Williams' lather begins the work of softening the beard and preparing the skin for the razor.  See how supple, smooth and refreshed the skin feels afterward.  Williams' Top Holder is the holder that holds--metal to metal.  It cannot wobble loose.  When you're ready for a new stick, Williams' Re-Loads are instantly inserted and always cost you less than the complete package.  Send 10 cents for a trial length stick in a large, re-loadable box.  The J.B. Williams Company, Dept. 16, Glastonbury, Connecticut.  1922 advertisement. Click here to enlarge.
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