Free Printable Missed Assignments Sheets to Hang in Classroom
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What We Did Today
This free teacher printable provides a way for teachers to let absent students know what they missed on any given day.  Many teachers put this information on the board, but what if a teacher is running out of whiteboard/chalkboard space?  These handy little slips are the economical answer.
Sheet for Listing Students' Missed Assignments - Free Printable Template for Classroom Teachers
  1. Designate an area of wall space for each class.  This wall space can be a piece of poster board.  It can be a strip of wall 10 inches wide with a piece of paper labeled, for example, "Third Period World History" at the top.  The basic idea is that students know where to look for their particular class assignments.
  2. Print out a handful of these sheets.  Keep a stack close at hand.
  3. After each class, or at the end of the day, fill out the form.  (If you have a student aide, this can be one of his/her designated tasks).
  4. Tape up or staple the sheet on the appropriate wall spot.
  5. You can point a student to the posted sheets when a student misses class and asks, "What did I miss?  Did we have any homework?"
  • Other people (coworkers, administrators) can easily see what you're doing without having to look through your lesson plan book.
  • Should an emergency occur and a substitute teacher is called in, he/she can quickly and easily see what the class has been doing.
  • Your teaching day is not interrupted to write down assignments or to answer questions about the previous day's lesson.
  • Students learn to take personal responsibility for locating and completing missing work.
Click here to print. To help you save on printing costs and wall space, there are two "What We Did Today" forms on each piece of paper. Click here for our free printable teacher forms.
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