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Icebreaker activity - survey chart printable sheet for classroom students. Free to print (PDF file).
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Click here to print. This fun activity is designed to introduce students to one another at the start of the school year or semester.  The race is on to see who can complete the chart in the time given.  There is room for 24 names, meaning that all of the students will be forced to introduce themselves to one another in order to collect information.  The information sought is pretty basic--favorite color, movie, and band, as well as number of siblings.

In and of itself, this activity is an enjoyable icebreaker.  But you can also use it to teach and reinforce chart-making.

Even better, kids can be asked to graph the information they have collected.  For example, "Create a pie chart indicating the favorite colors of students in this class."  What a neat way to learn!  Click here for free printable pie charts, ideal for introducing the creation of pie charts to kids through this activity. > Forms for Education > Forms for Students
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