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Halloween Rapid Recall Game
Halloween Rapid Recall Printable Game - Free to print (PDF file).
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Print the sheet. We recommend using card stock for durability.

Cut apart each game card. Place the cards upside down on a table.

The first player reveals two cards.

If the cards match, he/she takes the two cards and puts them in his/her pile. After matching two cards, the player can go again.

If two cards are not matched, the cards are placed back in the same spots, upside down, and the other player gets a turn.

The player with the most sets of cards at the end of the game is the winner.

This game helps to facilitate brain function and memory retention.

At the same time, it helps young learners to become more familiar with shapes and figures, a skill that is measured in IQ tests.

This game contains two printable sheets of Halloween-themed cards.

We recommend printing both sheets, then starting with a small set (maybe ten pairs) of cards, adding more as your children improve their memorization skills.
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