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 How many jack-o'-lanterns? Counting Worksheet Little Child Mummy Halloween Coloring Sheet for Kids Halloween Word Search Puzzle for Grades 4-8 Haunted House Blank Coloring Page for Kids Halloween Memory-Style Matching Card Game 
 How many jack-o'-lanterns? Counting Worksheet Little Halloween Mummy Coloring Page Halloween Word Search Puzzle for Grades 4-8 Spooky Haunted House Coloring Page Halloween Memory-Style Matching Card Game 
 Printable lyrics to "The Worm Song," a.k.a. "The Hearse Song." Jack-o'-lantern coloring page for kids  Victorian Bewitched Eggs - for Reference Only (Don't Try This!) Halloween Clip Art for Kids 
 "The Hearse Song" Lyrics ("The Worms Crawl in and the Worms Crawl Out") Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Coloring Page "My Spooky Halloween Story" Writing Prompt for Grades 1-3 Victorian Bewitched Eggs - for Reference Only (Don't Try This!) Halloween Clip Art for Kids 
 Free Printable Ouija Board for Your Halloween Party Seance Spider Coloring Page with Spelling and Writing Practice Dracula by Bram Stoker Literary Classics Workbook Halloween Terms ABC Order Game History of Halloween Reading with Questions Worksheet 
 Fun DIY Ouija Board for Slumber Parties Spider Coloring Page with Spelling and Writing Practice Dracula by Bram Stoker Literary Classics Workbook Halloween Terms ABC Order Game History of Halloween Reading with Questions 
 Tricks and Treats Halloween Worksheet         
 Tricks and Treats Halloween Worksheet         
Handwriting and Spelling Practice Worksheets
Cursive | Print - Printable "Happy Halloween!" handwriting practice worksheet
Cursive | Print - Printable "October 31st" handwriting practice worksheet
Cursive | Print - Printable "Trick or treat!" handwriting practice worksheet
Teachers and students can celebrate Halloween in the classroom in a fun and educational way while respecting the diverse beliefs and preferences of students and their families. Here are some ideas for celebrating Halloween in a classroom setting.

Free Halloween Printables and Activities - Coloring sheets, puzzles, handwriting practice, games, and more! Costume Day: Allow students and teachers to come to school dressed in appropriate, non-scary costumes. Emphasize creative, literary, or historical costumes to tie the celebration to learning. Hold a costume parade or share-and-tell session to explain their costumes.

Pumpkin Decorating: Organize a pumpkin decorating activity. Students can paint or decorate pumpkins with non-toxic materials. Encourage them to be creative and use their imagination.

Storytelling: Read age-appropriate Halloween-themed books or stories. Discuss the characters, plot, and lessons learned from the stories. This can promote literacy and critical thinking.

Arts and Crafts: Set up arts and crafts stations where students can make Halloween-themed crafts such as paper bats, friendly ghosts, or spider webs. Provide templates and materials for their creations.

Classroom Decorations: Decorate the classroom with non-scary, festive decorations. Students can help create decorations that are friendly and creative, like paper ghosts or pumpkin garlands.

Halloween-Themed Math: Incorporate Halloween-themed math activities, such as counting pumpkin seeds, measuring the circumference of a pumpkin, or solving Halloween word problems.

Healthy Treats: Instead of candy, offer healthy Halloween-themed snacks like apple slices with caramel "web" drizzles, fruit cups with "monster" eyes, or pretzel "witches' brooms."

Halloween Games: Organize educational Halloween games like a "spooky" scavenger hunt where students search for specific objects or a Halloween-themed bingo game with vocabulary words.

Spooky Science: Conduct simple science experiments with a Halloween twist. For example, create "witch's brew" by mixing colored vinegar and baking soda, or make slime for a "monster" chemistry lesson.

Guest Speakers: Invite guest speakers, such as local historians or experts in folklore, to share insights into the historical and cultural aspects of Halloween.

Cultural Exploration: Explore how different cultures celebrate similar holidays, like Dia de los Muertos in Mexico or the Celtic festival of Samhain. This can provide valuable cultural awareness.

Virtual Field Trips: Take a virtual field trip to a pumpkin patch, a Halloween-themed museum exhibit, or a live-streamed event like a bat conservation program.

Community Service: Engage in a Halloween-themed community service project, such as collecting and donating gently used costumes to families in need.

Classroom Party: Organize a classroom party with Halloween-themed music, games, and activities. Make sure to include inclusive and non-scary elements for all students.

Costume Safety: Remind students about costume safety, including the importance of costumes not obstructing vision, being flame-resistant, and not posing any tripping hazards.

Respect Diversity: Be sensitive to cultural and religious differences. Ensure that the celebration is inclusive and respects the beliefs and preferences of all students and their families.

Before planning any Halloween activities, it's essential to communicate with parents and guardians to ensure they are comfortable with the chosen activities and costumes. Additionally, consider any allergies or dietary restrictions when providing snacks or treats. > Fun Stuff > Holiday Games & Worksheets > Halloween