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Denmark Map Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file). For World Geography classes.
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Aurignacian Age Reading with Questions
1.What is the capital city of Denmark?
a. Copenhagen
b. Helsinger
c. Roskilde
d. Skagen

2. What body of water borders Denmark to the west?
a. Baltic Sea
b. Kattegat
c. North Sea
d. Skagerrak

3. What country borders Denmark to the south?
a. Finland
b. Germany
c. Norway
d. Sweden

4. Denmark is in the Southern Hemisphere.
a. True
b. False

5. _____ is the predominant language spoken in Denmark.
a. Danish
b. Dutch
c. English
d. German

6. Who became Denmark’s constitutional monarch in 2024?
a. Frederik X
b. Harald Bluetooth
c. Margrethe II
d. Ragnar Lodbrok

7. From circa 100 C.E. to circa 700-1100 C.E., the Danes and other Scandinavian cultures wrote using an alphabet comprised of _____.
a. hieroglyphs
b. Latin letters
c. pictograms
d. runes

8. Denmark’s largest export group is _____.
a. crude oil
b. electronics
c. sea transport
d. textiles

9. Describe an interesting fact about Denmark.
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