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Wales - Cymru
Free Educational History and World Geography Materials on Scotland for Teachers and Students
Wales is part of the United Kingdom. The capital, and largest city, is Cardiff. Cardiff is known as Caerdydd in the native Welsh language, Cymraeg. The population of Wales is circa 3,000,000. The Welsh call their land Cymru. The name Wales comes from a Germanic term meaning "foreigner" or "stranger."
Capital: Truro
Population: Circa 513,000
Interesting facts:
The Welsh motto is: "Cymru am byth" ("Wales forever").
Although not actually Welsh, the heir to the British throne is known as the Prince of Wales.
The Welsh are ethnically descended from the ancient Britons who were pushed west by invading Germanic tribes, such as the Angles, Jutes, and Saxons, beginning in the 400s C.E.
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