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Brussels is the capital city of Belgium.
          Soaking flax on a Belgian farm.  
  Belgian Flag   Global Position Map of Belgium   Political Map of Belgium   Older Belgian Glag   Belgian Farm  
  Belgium Map Worksheet   Belgium Handwriting Exercises Worksheet   Beginning of reconstruction in a Belgian village.  The little restaurant has been built in the midst of the ruins of war.  The French sign above the door, À la Tête d'Or, means "The Gold Head."  The same words in the Flemish language appear in the sign on the end of the roof, In het Gouden Hoofd.  Belgium, it will be remembered, is a bilingual country.  At the street corner is a half-obliterated sign in German, a reminder of the recent enemy occupation.          
  Belgium Map Worksheet   Belgium Handwriting Exercises Worksheet   Reconstruction in Belgium Post-WWI          
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