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France Crossword Puzzle
Free Printable Worksheet for World Geography - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - France - Western Europe

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2. The _____ separates France from Great Britain.

5. _____ was the first king of France.

7. The French Wars of Religion ended with the Edict of _____ in 1598.

9. The _____ was stormed on July 14, 1789.

14. _____ used his Grande Armée to create a large French empire.

15. In ancient times, France was called _____.


1. The French _____ began in 1789.

3. The _____ movement was founded by Claude Monet.

4. The _____ is the world's most visited paid monument.

6. _____ led the Free French during World War II.

8. Founded by Greeks in 600 B.C.E., _____ is the oldest city in France.

10. _____ was a major figure in the Hundred Years' War.

11. The _____ cave paintings are approximately 20,000 years old.

12. _____ XIV was called the “sun king.”

13. _____ is the capital city of France.
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