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Caribbean Lands in ABC Order
Caribbean Lands in ABC Order - Free printable worksheet (PDF file).
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This free printable worksheet has students put the names of twenty-seven lands of the Caribbean into alphabetical (ABC) order. Click here to print this worksheet.
The correct order of Caribbean lands is: (1) Anguilla, (2) Antigua and Barbuda, (3) Aruba, (4) Bahamas, (5) Barbados, (6) British Virgin Islands, (7) Cayman Islands, (8) Cuba, (9) Dominica, (10) Dominican Republic, (11) Grenada, (12) Guadeloupe, (13) Haiti, (14) Jamaica, (15) Martinique, (16) Montserrat, (17) Navassa Island, (18) Netherlands Antilles, (19) Puerto Rico, (20) Saint Barthelemy, (21) Saint Kitts and Nevis, (22) Saint Lucia, (23) Saint Martin, (24) Saint Vincent and Grenadines, (25) Trinidad and Tobago, (26) Turks and Caicos Islands, (27) United States Virgin Islands.
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