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Alabama Crossword Puzzle
Free Printable Crossword Puzzle on the State of Alabama - Great Fun for Kids - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
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Click here to print this puzzle. Click here for the answer key.
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Across: 4. The Alabama Indians were a _____ tribe. 6. The _____ is Alabama's state flower. 8. Alabama borders the Gulf of _____ to the south. 9. Alabama borders _____ to the north. 10. Alabama's nickname is the "_____ State." 11. Alabama's most populous city is _____.

Down: 1. Alabama's state tree is the _____ pine. 2. Alabama is known as the "Heart of _____." 3. The _____ founded the first European settlement in Alabama, at Mobile in 1702. 5. _____ constituted 45% of Alabama's population in 1860. 7. _____ is the capital city of Alabama.
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