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Christopher Columbus Workbook, Grades 4-6
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "C" Names > Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)
Christopher Columbus Workbook, Grades 4-6 - Free to print (PDF file).
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This twelve-page workbook covers the life and explorations of Christopher Columbus. It is designed for use by upper elementary students (grades 4-6). It includes multiple-choice and extended-answer questions, cursive script handwriting practice, map work, critical thinking exercises, and much more. Click here to print (PDF file).
Christopher Columbus, the first modern European explorer of the Americas, was born at Genoa, a seaport of Italy, around the year 1451. His father was a wool-comber. Christopher did not care to learn that trade, but wanted to become a sailor. Seeing the boy's strong liking for the sea, his father sent him to a school where he could learn geography, map-drawing, and whatever else might help him to become someday commander of a vessel.

  1. Christopher Columbus was born in _____, Italy.
    1. Florence
    2. Genoa
    3. Rome
    4. Turin
Answer Key: (1) B - Genoa; (2) C - Mediterranean Sea; (3) on map; (4) B - False; (5) Isabella; (6) answers will vary; (7) A - Atlantic Ocean; (8) conjecture; (9) Canary Islands; (10) October 12, 1492; (11) Columbus thought they were denizens of the Indies; (12) D - West Indies; (13) on map; (14) on map; (15) B - False.
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