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Evangelina Betancourt Cisneros
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "C" Names > Evangelina Cisneros (1877-1970)
Evangelina Betancourt Cosio y Cisneros: The story of Evangelina Betancourt Cisneros is one of \"jail-breaking journalism." The Spanish-American War was largely the result of yellow journalism, with the publications of Hearst, Pulitzer, and others exaggerating the harshness of Spanish rule in Cuba. As the Cubans rebelled, eighteen-year-old Evangelina Cisneros found herself imprisoned in Havana's Casa de Recojidas (a.k.a. Recogidas Jail) on charges related to resisting the sexual advances of a Spanish officer. In October of 1897, the New York Journal's Karl Decker helped to rescue Evangelina Cisneros from her Cuban prison cell, taking her to New York City. You can read Ms. Cisneros' story of her imprisonment and rescue here. Following the U.S. victory in the Spanish-American War, Evangelina married Cuban-born Dr. Carlos Carbonelle in New York; the couple returned to Cuba.
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Evangelina Betancourt Cisneros