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Names Starting with "J" -Pictures and Bios on Important People in History - Click on a Historical Figure
  Paul Jones     Thomas Jonathan Jackson     Andrew Jackson  
  Paul Jones
  Paul Jones and Lady Selkirk   Thomas Jonathan Jackson
  Thomas Jonathan Jackson at Chancellorsville   Andrew Jackson
  Justinian     Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE)   Joseph Jefferson    
  Justinian the Great
  Emperor Justinian and His Council   Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE)   Joseph Jefferson
(b. 1829)
  Joseph Jefferson as Bob Acres  
  Dr. Edward Jenner     Samuel Johnson     Thomas Jefferson
  Edward Jenner
  Dr. Edward Jenner and the First Vaccination   Samuel Johnson
  Dr. Samuel Johnson's Penance   Thomas Jefferson
  Joan of Arc (circa 1412-1431)   36th U.S. President, Lyndon Baines Johnson (1963-1969)              
  Joan of Arc (circa 1412-1431)   Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973)