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Leon Trotsky with Daughter Nina in 1915
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "T" Names > Leon Trotsky (1879-1940)
Leon Trotsky with Daughter Nina in 1915
Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky photographed in France in 1915 with his daughter Nina (later Nina Nevelson). Trotsky was married twice, in 1899 and in 1903. With his first wife, Aleksandra Lvovna Sokolovskaya (1872-circa 1938), he had two daughters, Zinaida Volkova (1901-1933) and Nina Nevelson (1902-1928). With his second wife, Natalia Sedova (1882-1962), he had two sons, Lev Sedov (1906-1938) and Sergei Sedov (1908-1937).
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