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Olaf Tryggvason Biography Workbook
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "T" Names > Olaf Tryggvason: Olaf I of Norway
This 21-page biography workbook examines the life of Olaf Tryggvason, also known as Olaf I of Norway (963-1000). Designed for grades seven through twelve, it is packed with questions and activities, as well as illustrations. This item is part of our Biography Workbooks series.

Olaf Tryggvason makes a great figure in the Faröer Saga, and recounts there his early troubles, which were strange and many. He is still reckoned a grand hero of the North, though his vates for the modern world is only the historian Snorro Sturluson of Iceland. Tryggvason had indeed many adventures in the world.

Olaf's poor mother, Astrid, was obliged to fly with him, on murder of her husband by Gunnhild--to fly for life, three months before her little Olaf was born. Gunnhild (910-980), known as the Mother of Kings, was the wife of Eric Bloodaxe, king of Norway. Astrid lay concealed in reedy island, fled through trackless forests, reached her father's with the little baby in her arms, and lay deep-hidden there; tended only by her father himself. Gunnhild's pursuit was so incessant and keen, as with sleuth-hounds.
Olaf Tryggvason Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file). Grades 7-12.
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Answer Key: (1) A - True, (2) A - Astrid, (3) B - Ireland, (4) D - Wales, (5) Answers will vary, (6) Sweyn Forkbeard, (7) Answers will vary, (8) Answers will vary, (9) C - Olaf, (10) Queen Gyda, (11) J - Thing, (12) D - Eric Bloodaxe, (13) C - Elfheah, (14) F - Haakon Sigurdsson, (15) H - Snorro Snurluson, (16) I - Sweyn Forkbeard, (17) B - Canute the Great, (18) E - Ethelred the Unready, (19) G - Olaf Tryggvason, (20) A - Astrid, (21) L - vates, (22) O - withal, (23) G - jocund, (24) E - discourse, (25) C - athwart, (26) H - redemption, (27) J - solemnity, (28) I - salutary, (29) A - acquainted, (30) B - anarchy, (31) D - Danegeld, (32) K - thither, (33) F - impregnable, (34) N - vigilant, (35) M - venerable, (36) B - False, (37) Answers will vary, (38) No, (39) Sigrid the Proud, (40) Copper, (41) Sigrid refused to convert to Christianity, (42) Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, (43) Burislav, (44) Answers will vary, (45) Jarl Sigwald, (46) Jarl Sigwald encouraged Olaf to stay longer, (47) The Long Serpent, (48) Answers will vary, (49) Answers will vary, (50) Answers will vary. Click here to print.
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