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A Few Questions for Adrian Grenier
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Adrian Grenier promoting his 2010 documentary Teenage Paparazzo in New York City (April 17, 2012).
Adrian Grenier and Thomas de Zengotita promote "Teenage Paparazzo" at the NYIT Auditorium on April 17, 2012(left).

Interview Date for Citation Purposes: May 1, 2012
What do you hope that young people will take away from seeing “Teenage Paparazzo”?
Ultimately, how to find personal empowerment, and to take responsibility for how we use technology.
What might you suggest to young people is an appropriate level of interest in celebrities?
It is fine to be curious about the lives of others but never allow it define or interfere with your own level of happiness and contentment.
Your documentary filmmaking career has clearly been helped by your celebrity status. How do you reconcile this with the creation of a documentary that deconstructs the concept of celebrity?
I don't know if I agree that it has helped my celebrity status or not. I think it offered the audience an opportunity to see me as a filmmaker rather than an actor or one step further, my character that I played on Entourage.
What advice would you give to a teenager who wants to become a documentary filmmaker?
Do it! There are many free tools, apps and technology to help you get started. Pick a topic, do some research and get rolling.
Learn more about Adrian Grenier:
Adrian Grenier cofounded SHFT, which promotes sustainable living.
"Teenage Paparazzo" (2012) Official Movie Poster
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