What do I do with these lesson plans?
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What do I do with these lesson plans?
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How do I become a substitute teacher? What does a substitute teacher do?
How do I maintain classroom discipline? What do I do with these lesson plans?
Follow the Teacher's Lesson Plans
The substitute's first priority is to do exactly what the teacher says. Read the lesson plans carefully. Make sure that you understand the material. Be certain that you have all of the necessary materials.
But I don't know this stuff!
If the teacher wants you to teach AP Calculus or Physics and you never got past Algebra II and Chemistry, put the brakes on. If you try to teach something you don't know, you could easily end up confusing the students. If students sense that you don't know what you're talking about, they'll lose respect for you and classroom discipline will break down.
Keep Emergency Lesson Plans Handy
Option 1: Print up handouts from this website and carry them with you to work.

Option 2: Use your laptop or the classroom computer to locate and print something to do with the kids. Search our site by course topic for the perfect lesson plan.
Free Time
If the teacher's lesson plans don't fill the class period, have a few things in your bag of tricks to fill the time. If the classroom has a SmartBoard or projector, try playing our interactive games with the kids.

Remember--free time can easily descend into anarchy, especially when students have a substitute teacher in the classroom.
Keep Accurate Records
Document, document, document. Leave a note for the teacher explaining exactly what was taught in each class. If you don't tell the teacher, the only version the teacher (and school administration) will hear is the students' version.
Clear Everything First
Don't change the lesson plans without first clearing your actions with another teacher or someone in the main office.

Example: The teacher expects you to explain the theory of relativity and do a lab experiment with students. Reading these lesson plans, your brain goes blank because you're totally clueless. You decide that things will go better if you have the students complete a handout from our site, then play some review games.

Result: Chances are that the teacher and administration will understand your predicament and approve your change of plans. But if they don't know about it first, your change of plans will look shady (and make you look like a lazy "I do whatever I want" person).

What you do: Determine that you can't follow the lesson plans. Find alternative lesson plans. Call or visit the office. State that you cannot follow the teacher's lesson plans, but you've come up with options A, B, and C.
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