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Bull Worksheet for Primary Students
Bull Worksheet for Primary Students - Free to print (PDF file).
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Look at the table to the right. Read each word for bull in German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Circle the foreign word that is most unlike the other foreign words.

Why do you suppose that the Italian, Latin, and Spanish words for bull are so similar? This is because Italian and Spanish come from Latin. The study of the history of words, and how words have changed over time, is called etymology.

Fun multi-purpose worksheet on the bull! Cattle are crucial to farming in the United States and around the world. The bull is the male of the species. Kids get to learn the species name, as well as words for bull in four other languages. There's even a mini-lesson on etymology. Click here to print.

Before you print a class set, please take note that this image shows the bull's testicles. (A castrated bull would be called a steer in English.) We have left the testicles intact for content accuracy, and because this worksheet is used by children in farming communities around the world (who have seen and often worked with the animals in person). If your students are dissimilar, and you'd rather not answer the question about what *that* is, we recommend that you use White-Out over this portion of the image before copying a set for the class.