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Nickel and Dimed Math Worksheet
Printable Worksheet - Scroll Down to Print - Social Studies > Economics > Money and Personal Finance
Nickel and Dimed Math Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for fourth grade.
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Click here to print. Students are asked to use division to determine the per-unit price of each item. This free printable worksheet combines math with personal finance. For more of our free worksheets for fourth grade, click here. Click here for our worksheets and activities for National Thrift Week.
CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.MD.A.1: Know relative sizes of measurement units within one system of units including km, m, cm; kg, g; lb, oz.; l, ml; hr, min, sec. Within a single system of measurement, express measurements in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit. Record measurement equivalents in a two-column table. For example, know that 1 ft is 12 times as long as 1 in. Express the length of a 4 ft snake as 48 in. Generate a conversion table for feet and inches listing the number pairs (1, 12), (2, 24), (3, 36), ...
CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.OA.A.2: Multiply or divide to solve word problems involving multiplicative comparison, e.g., by using drawings and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem, distinguishing multiplicative comparison from additive comparison.