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Philosophies for Living Worksheet
Free Printable Social Studies Worksheet - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Social Studies Handouts
Social Studies Printable - Philosophies for Living Sheet
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Philosophies for Living: Table Graph for Completion by Students.  The idea behind this Character Education exercise is that, over the course of a unit, semester, or academic year, World History-Global Studies students explore the philosophies of different times and places. 

Once the chart is completed, or as it is being completed, students openly discuss different schools of philosophy, comparing and contrasting them.  Students should be able to then choose life philosophies for themselves based on their personal beliefs (or create their own philosophies using other philosophies as guides). 

This is both educational (through the exploration, etc.) and character building (by virtue of encouraging students to have principles with which they guide their lives and make life decisions).
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