Social Studies Core Terms Crossword Puzzle #1
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Social Studies Core Terms Puzzle #1
Printable Social Studies Core Standards Vocabulary Terms Crossword Puzzle #1 - Scroll Down to Print
Social Studies Core Standards Vocabulary Terms Crossword Puzzle 1
Across: 2. location expressed by referencing latitude and longitude; 3. government by the people, either directly or indirectly; 4. a point’s position on the earth; 6. person who buys goods and uses services; 7. system wherein one country controls another for economic benefit; 8. advantage or gain from a decision; 9. objects that satisfy needs and wants.

Down: 1. division of power between national and state governments in the U.S.; 5. policies used by a country to control another country; 6. what is given up by a decision.
ANSWER KEY Across: 2. absolute location; 3. democracy; 4. location; 6. consumer; 7. colonialism; 8. benefit; 9. goods. Down: 1. federalism; 5. imperialism; 6. cost.
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