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Brain Teasers Worksheet #3

Ancient Americas Word Search Puzzle

Brain Teasers Worksheet #2

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass eBook
A Poultry Problem

I bought some fowls the other day,
One hundred dollars did I pay.
Each turkey did five dollars touch,
Each goose did bring but half as much.
While chickens, if it must be told,
For ten cents each were freely sold.
One hundred fowls in all had I,
Of each how many did I buy?


In the blank spaces, supply four words made of the same four letters.

A _______ old woman
With _______ intent
Put on her _______
And away she went.
“Hey!” she cried. “Give me, I pray,
Something to make me _______ today.”
Unravel this somewhat romantic scrambled riddle.

hope lmoavne fear


Make one word out of these two words: now dore


A man having a fox, a goose, and some corn, came to a river which it was necessary to cross. He could, however, take only one across at a time. If he left the goose and corn while he took the fox over, the goose would eat the corn. But if he left the fox and goose, the fox would kill the goose. How shall he get them all safely over?


A Chronogram on Human Happiness

Take fifty, add cipher, add five, add the fifth letter of the alphabet, and the total is the sum of human happiness.
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Answer Key
  • 12 turkeys, 13 geese, and 75 chickens
  • vile, evil, veil, live
  • A man in love in between hope and fear
  • one word
  • First he takes the goose over, and returns and takes the fox over.  Then he takes the goose back, and then he takes the corn over; after which, he returns and takes the goose over again.
  • LOVE
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