Social Studies Core Terms Crossword Puzzle #2
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Social Studies Core Terms #2
Printable Social Studies Core Standards Vocabulary Terms Crossword Puzzle #2 - Scroll Down to Print

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Across: 1. person who organizes production to start a business; 3. spread of ideas, people, products, etc.; 4. amount of goods or services that people are willing and able to buy; 6. object made by humans; 8. Common (or Christian) Era; 9. government ruled by a monarch who typically inherits the title; 10. Before the Common (or Christian) Era.

Down: 2. group of people with a common culture; 5. interaction of buyers and sellers; 7. system in which all economic decisions are made by the central government.
ANSWER KEY Across: 1. entrepreneur; 3. diffusion; 4. demand; 6. artifact; 8. C.E.; 9. monarchy; 10. B.C.E. Down: 2. nation; 5. market; 7. command economy.

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