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Organizing Chronological Time Worksheet
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Organizing Chronological Time Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for upper elementary Social Studies students.
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This worksheet offers a fun and simple way to help young students use their preexisting knowledge to gain some perspective of chronological time. World history is roughly divided into the three simplest periods possible--ancient times, the Middle Ages, and the modern era. Kids cut out six images, two for each period, and glue them in the appropriate boxes. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks belong to the ancient world. A medieval castle and knight belong to the Middle Ages. The Eiffel Tower and an Uncle Sam recruitment poster belong to the modern age. Click here to print this worksheet.
Teaching Tips: 1. Try using the Socratic method to activate background knowledge. For example, ask students when the U.S. was formed. They know the date July 4, 1776. Clearly, the Uncle Sam recruitment poster belongs to the modern era. 2. Introduce the term circa, which students will see in many future texts, usually abbreviated to c. or ca. Circa means "about," "around," or "approximately," and is easy to remember when one recognizes its similarity to circle. 3. Have kids draw an additional image in each time period's box.