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Upper Elementary: Grades 4-6 Social Studies
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The Americas
Native Peoples of North America
Ancient Mayans Word Search Puzzle
Ancient Maya Word Search Puzzle
Europeans Reach the Americas
Christopher Columbus 12-page Workbook
Juan Ponce de León Cursive Script Handwriting and Spelling Practice Sheet
Thirteen Colonies
American Revolution and United States Constitution
Benjamin Franklin Quote Puzzle Worksheet
Antebellum America: United States before the Civil War
American Civil War
United States through World War I
Jane Addams Reading with Questions
The World
Neolithic Tools Coloring Page
Aurignacian Age Coloring Page
Ancient Egypt
DIY AMake Your Own ncient Egyptian Pyramid Cut-out Template
DIY Ancient Egyptian Pyramid
Ancient Egypt Map Worksheet
Ancient Rome
ABC Order: Ancient Roman Emperors
Chronological Order: Roman Emperors