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Anagrams Puzzle Worksheet
Anagrams Game Instructions Worksheet with Puzzles - Free to print (PDF file).Anagrams are the transposition of the letters of a word, phrase, or short sentence, so as to form a new word or sentence. The best anagrams are such as have, in the new order of letters, some signification appropriate to the word from which they are formed.

What term is signified by each phrase? The first is done for you.

1. No more stars. astronomers 2. There we sat. 3. Mind his map. 4. Best in prayer. 5. Nay, I repent it. 6. Partial men.

An easy way to play the game of anagrams, is to have several sets of the alphabet, each letter written on a small card, or purchase the cards with printed letters. You can also use Scrabble letter tiles or print our sheet of letter tiles.

Put the letters in separate boxes, that is, the As in one box, Bs in another, etc. Then, after giving to each player a word selected from the letters, the player forms a sentence appropriate to that word, as shown above.

Try to create an anagram for each of the following terms. Take your time, as these are quite challenging.

7. prime minister 8. student teacher 9. encyclopedia 10. birthday gift 11. environmentalism 12. totalitarianism 13. incandescent 14. mediocrity

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Click here to print a sheet of anagram letter tiles. (We recommend printing on card stock to ensure longevity.)
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Answer Key: (2) sweetheart; (3) midshipman; (4) Presbyterian; (5) penitentiary; (6) parliament.
Attention Teachers: This makes a terrific file folder game. Simply label the file folder "Anagrams" and keep a few copies of the worksheet, along with a sealed plastic bag full of letter tiles, in the folder.  Voila!  You've got a fun, educational, intellectually stimulating game on hand for your students.
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