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Brain Teasers Worksheet #7
Here is another of our fun, challenging sheets of head-scratchers. Brain Teasers Worksheet #7 has a poetry unscrambler, a connected squares puzzle, and a (quite terrible) mathematics joke. For more of our free printable brain teaser worksheets, click here.

Brain Teasers

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UPPER LEFT: 1. Dirt = soil. 2. 1800s Prussian statesman = Otto (as in Otto von Bismarck). 3. International Tax and Investment Organization = ITIO. 4. Used for weaving = loom.

UPPER RIGHT: 1. A flower = rose. 2. A gem = opal. 3. King David's predecessor = Saul. 4. A girl's name = Ella.

CENTER: 1. A man or boy = male. 2. Periods of time = ages. 3. A girl's name = Lena. 4. Brother of the biblical Jacob = Esau.

LOWER LEFT: 1. A valley = vale. 2. Anonymous (abbreviation) = anon. 3. A burden = load. 4. Terminates = ends.

LOWER RIGHT: 1. A mountain range = Ural. 2. To move upward = rise. 3. Questions = asks. 4. Not so much as = less.
Joke: Dion doesn't trust people with graph paper. He says that they're always plotting something. (Get it!? People "plot" things on graph paper!)
"We're upside down," the books all cried.
"Our coats are gaping, gaping wide.
"And here upon the windowsill
"We feel so very, very ill.
"If you could stand us in a row,
"We'd make a very splendid show."

The little shoes cried in alarm,
"We're very sure we'll come to harm.
"We feel unsafe, and, what is more,
“We're knocked about upon the floor.
"We'll be as cross as upset elves,
"Until you put us on the shelves."

"On bed and chairs we don't belong,"
The dresses sobbed in mournful song.
"We're getting old, and getting soiled,
"We're getting torn, and getting spoiled.
"Oh, hang us in a closet nook,
"Each one upon a proper hook!"
"Now Mother Nature is so neat,
"We almost feel ashamed to greet
"The sunshine, come to visit us
"And catch us in this awful muss.
"Oh, bitter, bitter, is our cup,
"When sunlight comes to show us up!"

They sobbed with such amazing power.
"Cheer up," I called. "I'll come this hour.
"I'll stand you in a dustless row,
"And put you where you yearn to go.
"And now when sunshine comes to call,
"How spotless it will find us all!"

"The Day My Room Spoke Up" by Eleanor B. Stock

Unscrambled for you!

Ask students, "What is this poem about?"
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