Tally Score Sheet for Progressive Games
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Tally Score Sheet for Two Tables
Free Printable Scoring Tally Sheet for a Two-Table Progressive Game - Progressive Game Tally Sheets
Tally Score Sheet for a Two-Table Progressive Card Game
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This player score sheet is designed for an 8-player "round robin" or tournament game with two gaming tables. The free printable score tally card sheet comes with instructions. Scroll down to print (.pdf).

These tally score sheets are used for games like progressive euchre, bridge, and canasta. They can also be used for classroom tournaments featuring test-prep questions or math problems.

Number of Tables: 2

Number of Players: 8

Number of Rounds: 7

Hint: This sheet can be used for any group that totals a multiple of 8 (such as 16 or 24 players). Simply divide the group into teams (such as red, yellow, and green). Print the score cards on colored paper to avoid confusion.

Click here to print. Click here for more printable score cards (3, 4, 5, or 6 tables) as well as other fun game printables For more of our free printable games, click here.
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