The Golden Bird by the Brothers Grimm | Student Handouts
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"The Golden Bird" Fairy Tale
"The Golden Bird" by the Brothers Grimm - Educational Materials for English Language Arts - Fairy Tales
"The Golden Bird" Fairy Tale eBook - Free to print with worksheets (PDFs).
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"The Golden Bird" is about a pleasant young man who learns that it is wise to follow the advice (or counsel) of someone who is trying to help, particularly when that someone is proven right time and again. A common fairy tale motif in this story (apart from the inevitable kings, princess, hero, etc.) is the cunning fox character. Click here to print the eBook.
The Golden Bird Handwriting PracticeThere are 15 critical vocabulary terms in this lesson: counsel, cunning, eldest, gardener, golden, groom, journey, kingdom, prisoner, ransom, saddle, temptation, thankful, trickery, and village. We have created handwriting practice worksheets for students in both print and cursive. Click here for the handwriting practice worksheet with the vocabulary terms in print manuscript font. Click here for the handwriting practice worksheet with the vocabulary terms in cursive script font.

We also have a printable worksheet that asks students to put the vocabulary terms into ABC (alphabetical) order. Click here for the worksheet in print manuscript font. Click here for the worksheet in cursive script font.
Multiple-Choice Quiz Questions: Click to print Version 1 or Version 2.
1. There is an animal that is considered to be smart and cunning. Based on this story, what animal do you think it is?
a. Bird
b. Fox
c. Horse
d. Human

2. The second king tells the youngest son that he can have the golden bird in exchange for a golden _____.
a. butterfly
b. dragon
c. horse
d. zebra

3. According to fairy tales like this one, kings live in _____.
a. apartments
b. castles
c. dungeons
d. huts

4. What must the boy do to earn the princess?
a. Bring the golden bird to the third king
b. Clear out fallen leaves from the forest
c. Dig away the hill blocking the king’s view
d. Hunt and catch the helpful fox

5. The gardener’s first and second sons follow the advice of the fox.
a. True
b. False

6. The king ordered whom to watch all night under the tree?
a. Bird
b. Gardener
c. Hunter
d. Prince

7. Why was the fox helpful to the gardener’s youngest son?
a. The fox was scared because of how the boy’s older brothers behaved.
b. The golden bird paid the fox to be nice to the boy.
c. The king had threatened the fox.
d. The youngest son was thankful and did not hurt the fox.

8. The gardener’s third son sees a _____ taking a golden apple.
a. bird
b. boy
c. cat
d. dog

9. The third king offers the boy the golden horse in exchange for the _____.
a. beautiful princess
b. cunning fox
c. daring knight
d. wicked wizard

10. How did the young man disobey the advice of the fox, and ransom someone from the gallows?
a. He agreed to the fox’s request and killed him.
b. He bought a ship from a local merchant.
c. He paid his brothers’ fines so that they were not hanged.
d. He sat down and ate his lunch next to a river.

11. The boy is able to keep the princess, horse, and bird by using _____.
a. compromise
b. magic
c. trickery
d. violence

12. The word groom has different meanings. Groom can mean a man who is getting married. Groom can also mean a _____.
a. bundle of straw tied to a stick for sweeping a floor
b. girl who goes to a boarding school
c. man who takes care of horses in a stable
d. type of dirt that is hard to wash away

13. What did the two older boys do to their younger brother?
a. Had him arrested for stealing the horse and bird
b. Killed him
c. Sealed him in a cave
d. Threw him in the river

14. The fox turned out to be the _____.
a. brother of the princess
b. king of a distant land
c. prime minister of Germany
d. queen of the land
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