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Island of the Blue Dolphins Free Printable Worksheets
Island of the Blue Dolphins Free Printable Worksheets
Combine literature with social studies. This worksheet has students familiarize themselves with the area in California in which the Lone Woman of San Nicolas, the heroine of Scott O'Dell's Island of the Blue Dolphins, lived. Click here to print.
This worksheet is designed to help students take notes on sixteen characters as they read the story. Names are listed in alphabetical order. Click here to print (two-sided sheet).
Island of the Blue Dolphins Free Printable Worksheets
These worksheets are designed to supplement reading of Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell by adding cross-curricular learning to literature study.

Learn more about Juana Maria at these sites:

California Missions Resource Center

National Park Service

Discovery (Article on archaeologists' discovery of Juana Maria's home on the island)

Native Village


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The video below offers some terrific insight into what historians and archaeologists now know about the fascinating Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island.
This worksheet focuses on spelling and cursive script handwriting practice. Terms: San Nicolas Island, Aleuts, Juana Maria, Santa Barbara, Tongva, and Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell. Click here to print.

1811 - Juana Maria is born sometime before this date

1814 - Massacre of Nicoleño population by Native Alaskan hunters

1835 - Santa Barbara Mission rescues almost all of the islanders

1853 - Juana Maria is rescued from the island and taken to Santa Barbara Mission

October 19, 1853 - Juana Maria dies 7 weeks later
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