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Bow-wow-wow Nursery Rhyme - Worksheet is free to print (PDF file).
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Bow-wow-wow, whose dog art thou? Little Tom Tucker's dog, bow-wow-wow. Click here to print.
"Bow Wow Wow" is a traditional nursery rhyme and children's song that is known for its simple and repetitive lyrics. Like many classic English nursery rhymes, its origins are not precisely known, and it has been passed down through generations as part of oral tradition. It is believed to have been a simple, rhythmic chant or play-song for young children.

The original version of the rhyme consists of the repeated phrase "Bow wow wow," often followed by "Whose dog art thou? Little Tom Tinker's dog, bow wow wow." In some variations, the final line may change to mention a different character or child's name.

The meaning and interpretation of "Bow Wow Wow" are straightforward and child-friendly. It is a playful chant that engages young children with its simple rhythm and repetition. The mention of different characters or children's names can make it more personalized and enjoyable for young listeners.

The "Bow wow wow" sound is often associated with the barking of a dog, which adds to the charm of the rhyme.

As with many nursery rhymes, variations of "Bow Wow Wow" exist with minor differences in wording. Some versions replace "Little Tom Tinker's dog" with other names or descriptions.

Today, "Bow Wow Wow" is a part of traditional nursery rhyme collections and children's literature. Its simplicity and repetitive nature make it a suitable choice for engaging young children in playful and rhythmic language, making it a timeless part of early childhood education and entertainment. > Printable Texts > Nursery Rhyme Worksheets