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Jack Be Nimble Worksheet
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Jack Be Nimble - Nursery rhyme worksheet is free to print (PDF file).
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Click here to print. Jack, be nimble. Jack, be quick. Jack, jump over the candlestick.
"Jack Be Nimble" is a traditional nursery rhyme and children's song with origins that date back to at least the eighteenth century in England. The rhyme was first recorded in print in the 1700s, but it is believed to have existed in oral form before that. The exact origins of "Jack Be Nimble" are uncertain, but it is part of a long tradition of nursery rhymes that feature simple, rhythmic verses.

"Jack Be Nimble" is a brief and rhythmic verse that describes the playful act of Jack, who is encouraged to jump over a candlestick. The rhyme may have been used to entertain and amuse children, as well as to teach them about agility and dexterity.

Its simplicity, rhythmic qualities, and the element of physical activity make it an engaging and enjoyable rhyme for young kids. While its historical context may be less significant, it remains a timeless part of early childhood learning.

Of course, no one today wants children jumping over candles!
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