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Shoe the Horse - Nursery rhyme worksheet is free to print (PDF file).
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Shoe the horse, shoe the mare, Let the little colt go bare. Click here to print this worksheet.
Horse, mare, and colt are terms used to describe different stages and sexes within the equine species, which includes horses, ponies, and other equids.

Horse is the general term used to refer to the adult members of the equine species, regardless of gender. It can apply to both males and females once they reach maturity, typically around the age of four or five. Horses are typically larger and taller than ponies, with a height measurement typically exceeding 14.2 hands (58 inches or 147 cm) at the withers (the highest part of the back, just behind the neck).

A mare is a female horse that is four years old or older. In equine breeding and equestrian terms, the term "mare" is used to refer specifically to adult female horses. Mares can reproduce and give birth to foals (young horses) when mated with a stallion (male horse).

A colt is a young male horse that is typically less than four years old. Colts are immature and have not yet reached full adulthood. Once a colt reaches the age of four or five, it is generally referred to as a "horse" rather than a colt. However, this transition can vary depending on local customs and specific equestrian contexts.

It's important to note that the terms used to describe equines can vary regionally and within specific equestrian disciplines. Additionally, there are other terms used for specific age categories, such as foal for a newborn horse, filly for a young female horse (typically under four years old), and stallion for a mature, intact (not gelded) male horse. Understanding these terms is essential for those involved in the care, breeding, and training of horses, as they help clarify the age and gender of the animals being discussed. > Printable Texts > Nursery Rhyme Worksheets