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Little Raindrops Poem Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file).
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Click here to print. Students read the poem, match rhyming words, and describe the poem's narrator.
Oh, where do you come from, you little drops of rain;

Pitter patter, pitter patter, down the window pane?

They won’t let me walk, and they won’t let me play

And they won’t let me go out of doors at all today.

They put away my play things because I broke them all,

And they locked up all my bricks, and took away my ball.

Tell me, little raindrops, is that the way you play,

Pitter patter, pitter patter, all the rainy day?

They say I’m very naughty, but I’ve nothing else to do,

So I sit there at the window; I should like to play with you.

The little raindrops cannot speak; but, “Pitter, patter, pat,”

Means, “We can play on this side, why can’t you play on that?” > Texts > Poetry > Poems for Children