Poems and Poetry Worksheets for Children
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These are our poem handout and poetry worksheets for children in elementary school. If you are looking for complete poems to use with older students, please look here.
  "The Tale of Two Apples" Poetry Unscramble          
  The Tale of Two Apples   The Omnibus   Sing a Song of Sixpence   Time to Rise by Robert Louis Stevenson   Over the Sea  
  Ups and Downs   Happy Thought by Robert Louis Stevenson   My Grocer   Tramp, Tramp   Concord Hymn by Ralph Waldo Emerson  
        The Mysteries of Anatomy   Animal Children Poetry eBook  
  Babes in the Wood   My Dolly   The Wonders of a Toy Shop   The Mysteries of Anatomy   Animal Children Poetry eBook  
        "Going to the Zoo" Unscramble the Poem Worksheet
  Guy Fawkes Night Lyrics   The Hearse Song (The Worms Crawl In and Out)   Tommy Purr's Hamper   Going to the Zoo Poetry Unscramble